About Us

Drunken Debauchery on grad night, America-waale Mamaji’s inimitable dance moves, daughter’s first footsteps, a long forgotten lover’s face… all this comes alive with photographs, treasured in family albums or pressed between the pages of an old book. As you conveniently erase out the memory of your ‘fashionable’ bell-bottom days, a polaroid picture posted by an old college friend becomes a trip down the memory lane. On discovering your first grey strand of hair, your 25-year-old matrimonial photograph with luscious hair fills you with joy. On a gloomy day at work, a snap taken on your last holiday at the beach brings respite. Such is the power of photographs. Times change, people move away, places are forgotten, but photographs are fixed in a time and space, forever, unchanged.

a.ka studios endeavors to freeze those special moments of life. Any occasion or celebration is incomplete without photographs. These pictures not only capture the people and the moments but also capture the feelings, the mood, the passion, the adventures forever and give you the pleasure and satisfaction to revisit the same moment, feel the same emotion over and over again.


387099_10150932825575207_874145206_21304227_1671255373_nKashish Arora, the eye behind the camera and the brain behind a.ka studios, a graduate from Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, with three years of working experience in Films, Television and Advertisements and currently working for an upcoming lifestyle channel.